Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Scrapping your pets

During the past week Shelby and family lost a very special part of their family - their dog Zoe. Zoe was a loving and trusted part of the family. You can read more about zoe here. Her passing serves as a reminder to us all that including pages about our pets in our scrapbooks is very important. Documenting the relationship between family and pets can be done in a number of ways. The following are just a few examples. Noteworthy - each page was constructed using a combination of products from Basic Grey and Pink Paislee.
In this first page I had a fabulous picture of Sammy when he was much younger. He was such a beautiful golden retriever. I decided to make a page just about his beauty, because that is the one characteristic that comes first in my mind when I think of him.

In this next page, as I was looking through some old photos I came across these from when I was a little girl. On the back of one of the photos I noticed I had printed the words "blite and amy". I was seven years old when I wrote that. I scanned and printed that out to use for my title. It ws my handwriting and my spelling, atrocious as it might have been at the time, that really made this layout work for me. I wrote my journaling about my memories of my horse, Bullet (blite).

In this last layout I had my son help me with it. He is shown in the photo with his bird Pidgy. When we came across the photo while cleaning his room Logan asked me to "do something" with it. I made the layout and he wrote the journaling. I cut a piece of cardstock to fit the journaling area, drew pencil lines for him as a guide and he used pencil to print the journaling himself. Logan had written the journaling out on scrap paper first and did his best to keep the journaling neat on the final copy. This is a very special page to Logan as it is the only photo we have of the bird.

I encourage you to take photos of not only your family, loved ones, events and holidays, but also look at other things that have value and meaning to your life... like pets.
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  1. These layouts are all wonderful! Such true treasures... Thanks for the reminder of the things that matter!!!


  2. such great ideas. i especially like the page of horses. we just recently got some horses and i've been looking for ideas. can anybody say "scraplift"? - lol!

  3. I love scraping my pets, they are such joy our little fur kids, cute ideas.

  4. Pets are family members IMO so I enjoyed reading your post about making a pet page.The layouts are beautiful! Sorry to read about Zoe. Hugs to Shelby and family.
    Thanks for stomping by my blog today!