Wednesday, December 23, 2009

december - kits of the month

so this month we have a couple kits.
the first is a very, very cute basicgrey mini album using their brand new origins collection. i LOVE this album. i did one but gave it away as a christmas gift - i sooooo wanted to keep it for myself. i just know i won't find the time to do me one. anyways, it has lots of pockets, tags, & fun elements in it! LOVE IT!!!

the other kit was our product kit ... a christmas bundle. it was an AMAZING deal! Over $130 in product for only $25 - what was i thinking??? we sold out of this one in less than 24 hours - imagine that?! so, for those lucky enough to of ordered one - it is on its way & MERRY CHRISTMAS from me :)

a little INFO of our "BUNDLES". what we do quite often, is take a bunch of coordinated product which includes: pattern paper (& usually bazzill too) and various embellishments & the price on these are always a steal! we typically do this before a line gets discontinued or as things start selling out in a line so it no longer is a complete line. after our bundles are made, then we typically put whatever is left on clearance by the piece but just know that our bundles are made first from the best. these bundles are online & we always have them at the crops at the scrapbook shows. it is a GREAT way to get alot of coordinated product for a great price.

with that being said, i would like to announce that we will be having a christmas sale after christmas. EVERYTHING christmas ( & halloween) will be 25% off & some items up to 75% off. old product & new product. paper & embellishments. kits & EVERYTHING! look for details coming....

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  1. I know what you mean, I always give everything away, I am trying to keep a few things for myself.