Wednesday, February 10, 2010

bead art

we are so very excited about a new avenue we have dabbled in ... bead art. i have had numerous emails telling me i better not abandon scrapbooking & move into jewelry so for the record let me just say: NO, NEVER - i am so passionate about scrapbooking & will never quit! however, i have been having a blast with bead art & i think that it is ok to do both :)

WatchArt: watch faces with interchangeable bands that are not only adorable but functional as well! Simply pick the style of watchface you want, then pick from the many different styles of watchbands available...choose one or choose several bands. everyday i have a different favorite (hahaha). the kits have been designed & includes everything you will need to make your watchband & includes step by step instructions & a color copy of the watchband. these are super easy to make - my 8 yr old daughter makes these with me. we even have a video tutorial here that christy tomblinson did that shows how easy it really is.

here are some of my favorite WatchArt for today:

ocean breeze

vanilla cream
fruit punch

we have some super cute watch faces too:

NeckArt is just that - beads that can be worn on a necklace. it attaches with a lobster clasp so if you already have a chain no need to buy one (but we have chains if you need one). again, these are totally interchangeable so you only need 1 chain but can get several different designs. some customers have attached these to their keychain, bag, even scissors (i could only think about how much that would annoy me LOL). anyway, i LOVE these & just think they are so fun!

black metals

tortoise shell

i am almost sure that once you make one of these & get all the compliments you will get addicted to these just as we have (and when people ask, "did you make this" you can confidently say "YES, it is so easy!!"

these make GREAT gifts for just about everybody from teenagers (or 8 yr old in my case) to grandmothers. they are a very affordable gift for teachers, friend's birthdays, family, etc.

go here to see our watch art
go here to see our neck art


  1. I think this is exciting! You are one of my favorite scrapbooking sites, however, scrapbooking is my second love, beading is my first, so i was very excited to see your interest in beading!

  2. Saw these are the Portlad CK Convention, LOVED them, bought them. Should have bought more.
    Should have thought of them myself.
    Thanks for making them affordable for everyone.

  3. I love these! Do you have a blinkie for your store that I can add to my blog?