Tuesday, September 1, 2009

winners & creative escape

congrats!!! 3 lucky winners for $25 gift certificates to embellishonline.com-
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ant1nette said...
I signed up!
AUGUST 25, 2009 3:44 PM

deiha said...
Can't wait to hear more from embellish it.
AUGUST 26, 2009 4:50 AM

Wendy said...
I signed up! Looking forward to all the news!
AUGUST 25, 2009 5:05 PM

if you have never been to creative escape, just let me say this: you should go if you have the chance! it is a scrapbook weekend in arizona put together by bazzill & heidi swapp which includes: technique boutique, trucnk show from all the teachers, classes, night extravaganza, delicious food at aan amazing resort (& yes the massages are well worth every penny) & concluding with inspirational keynote. it always falls the last weekend in august- which is a really bad time for me. august is our busiest months with traveling/shows/teaching/new product releases but i have always gone to creative escape & would not miss it no matter what! when i went to the first one 4 years ago- it was the first time i had taken a scrapbook class! it has helped me realize a couple of things:
1. i teach too fast
2. i am more comfortable teaching than doing
3. i am a sloooooooow scrapbooker
4. i am use to having a table to myself when i design so i get a little anxiety having to share in such close quarters with others

so, off to creative escape i go. i had bags packs then i realized that last year i had to buy stuff in the gift shop to keep me warm - they kept the classrooms freezing (duh - i should know this by now....) so, i pulled out all my summer clothes that you would expect someone to take to arizona when it is 112 degrees & packed long sleeve outfits. crazy i know but it was a good move on my part :) this year, i had a little more baggage than normal: i had my 4 month old baby in tow. don't get me wrong, he is sooooo good, actually perfect but still a lot of extra stuff to haul. i know what you are thinking: WHY? well, to be honest it wasn't a question if i would take him OR if i was even gonna go to ce - more of a question of HOW! then, a good friend Leigh Ann offered her 19 year old daughter to come to the hotel & watch him in my room - soooo perfect! i could run up during breaks but also just enjoyed the classes without worrying about him - she took such good care of him - thanks jordyn!

ok. back to creative escape (sorry i tend to get off track with thoughts of baby :).

it was WONDERFUL again this year.
classes: FABULOUS! all 8 of them!
attendees: could not of been a better group of gals!

i truly feel inspired. rejuvenated. ready to try harder. to be better.

it is not just classes from great artist. it is an experience. one that every year, i have walked away feeling inspired - yes, inspired with creativeness but most important INSPIRED TO BE BETTER. as a person. to do better in various aspects of my life. i love this feeling. i am so grateful for the opportunity to get my batteries recharged. it is the ENERGY i have at this moment, that i LOVE! we all need to be uplifted & energized from time to time.

highlight of the event: during the event they had various raffles & opportunities to donate to Lymphoma Cancer Society. it hit home for me since my father died from lymphoma at 52. at the end of the event, they had a live auction of 2 lamps that had been decorated: one by heidi swapp & another one by tim holtz. they were beautiful. i had my eye on the tim holtz one as it would be the perfect touch to my office. i text steve (my husband) as soon as they started the auction, telling him about the donation i was about to make. a win-win - a donation to a great cause & a extra benefit of getting the beautiful lamp. how could i not... he was very supportive at $5000, $10,000 said he trusted my judgement as i was the accountant, $15,000 said i must of really like the lamp, & then as the bid went up & up, he was grateful that someone else had the funds to donate that & it wasn't me. LOL
not sure the total they raised but i believe it was in the ballpark of $60,000. not bad for a 700 scrapbookers at a weekend event. i am overwhelmed at the choice individuals we have in this industry & that i can closely associate myself with.

we were even able to get a little pool time for crew -

the only thing about the weekend that wasn't perfect (well, besides me not getting the tim holtz lamp - HA!): bread pudding. how can it not be perfect?!

here's the story: thursday is registration & technique boutique, trunk show then the welcome. after the welcome everyone is on their own until breakfast the next morning. which means the hotel restaurant is packed trying to feed all the women. there is nowhere close as far as food options & the resort is so far that nobody delivers - not even a pizza option. so, i ordered room service (since i had the baby) & it took well over a hour & was expensive. they had tres leches bread pudding - for a HUGE bread pudding fan, i was delighted. it was $9 plus the 3.50 delivery charge plus the 21% gratuity. but is was thinking it would be well worth it & a once in a lifetime thing. so, i ordered it after thinking for 2 seconds about it. it came. it was a huge disappointment. small. dry. fruity. not creamy. definitely not worth the $ but more than anything else a total pop in my balloon that had been so high & full.

so, for all those who stuck through this looooong post - i have a giveaway:

creative escape 2009 inspiration book (& other creative escape goodies)
the book includes supply list, all the projects with detailed instructions & step-by-step pictures & you can even download the teacher's classroom presentation. so, for those of you that were not able to be one of the lucky 700 people who attended - you can be too be inspired!!

leave a comment with a project idea you like, have done, have never seen, would like to do, etc. i will personally pick my favorite idea on friday morning. be creative. think outside the box. warning: you might see your idea transform into a kit?!

have a great week! be back on friday to announce the winner!


  1. There are always summer pool layouts but never anything about enjoying the lake (boating, tubing, skiing, etc.).

    So jealous you got to go to CE.. I think next year I am going to get into the lottery and try to attend!!! All the blogs have great stories, pictures... you guys make me want to go too!!!

  2. I would love to see some type of mini incorporating various lines of BG papers with the theme of FAMILY...everyone has photos of family pictures...could be a fun album to put together...something basic, not fancy schmancy!Glad you had fun at CE...I could never get away the last weekend in August with school starting, but would so love to attend CE. i just wish CE would be another weekend...maybe someday!

  3. Baby Crew has grown so much since June he is so cute. I tried metal embossing technique at crop for the cure, loved it.We made flowers out of colored metal, were georgous, not hard at all, we put them on book cover, also stamped initials into flat piece. I think a nice project to work stamped embossed metal into layouts. lol May be explaining wrong, took flat metal piece, layed on mold, took fat pencil looking tool rubbed over till image came up then took small tool for detailed work, then lightly sanded over image. I am slow scrapbooker too in groups, don't do well in close quarters either, like my space.

  4. I actually just made some quick and fun paper flowers and posted the bouquet on my blog today! I loved doing this project! It was so much fun!

  5. I made a little Christmas Treasure Box as a project for our LSS. It was a long round box which had a ribbon tie - Creative Imaginations Bare Elements. I covered the outside with Cosmo Cricket Christmas paper, and inside I included many small tags/cards with Christmas pictures from my childhood, favorite Christmas activities, recipes, and even little scrolls tied with ribbon which had Yes, Virginia, The Christmas Story, and other favorite Christmas memories. It is a treasure box I can open each Christmas and relive fond memories of Christmases past. Also, new items can be added each year when new memories are made. I love it!

  6. Shelby, I love the new Webster's Pages. I would love to see a kit with Winter's Wings. Always thought it would be fun to do a 12x12 double layout showcasing our winter feathered friends...at the feeder...in the snow...or even feeding ducks at the lake...or the beach!

  7. Several years ago at Thanksgiving, I handed out 3 x 5 cards at the family gathering and asked each family or individual to complete "I'm thankful for . . ." which I had printed at the top of the card. We had over 30 people and I received a good response and also took lots of pictures. I combined all these pictures and handwritten cards into an album and I enjoyed look at over the years. I would love to see some type of kit that would incorporate this idea somehow because it allows me to have their thoughts and handwriting documented for others to read in the future.

  8. I am excited about Basic Grey, Nook & Pantry, I am making Recipe books for my son & dtr of handwritten recipes from my GrandMothers. The papers in this collection could easily be designed into a awseome layout, with a touch of vintage flair. A thought also, to make Christmas cards & add a favorite holiday recipe, feel this collection would be great for this project. Idea take a small placque, paint then mod podgue small torn pieces of this collection on & crunkle up recipe use umber cat eyes to make antiquee, modpodgue on. Use as gifts or for decorations.I can't wait to order this collection.Excited!!

  9. I hope I am not too late for the party :-)

    Shelby, you will be the reason I will go to CE! I would love to hang out with you, you are always so much fun to be around. Your enthusiasm is contagious!

    Well my idea would be a mini album of a year in review. I would like all major events to be included - like Valentines, Easter, Summer, Halloween, 4th of July, well you get the idea. Also included should be extra pages for birthdays. Off course I would love this in a variety of BG papers but a mix with FP, CP and all the others would be just fine too.